Hi everyone !

I’m sharing here is a list of Ark Twitter profiles. I just created my own account and I thought this might help others.

I’m also maintaining this list on my Twitter account, you can check it there : @Air1Ark lists.

Help me keep this list updated ! Tell me in the comments if I am missing someone, or if anything is wrong.

Official Ark

@ArkEcosystem The one and only 😎

Ark crew

Also check on my Twitter list : Ark Crew.

@fxthoorens CTO / Co-Founder

@dontminedotcom Board Member / Co-Founder

@Matthew_DC Chief Strategist / Co-Founder

@CryptoPools Co-Founder

@stenea Project Manager / Co-Founder

@kristjankosic Core developer

@alexbarnsley Full-Stack Developer

@sleepdefic1t IoT Team / Developer

@olejegcord UX / UI Designer


Also check on my Twitter list : Ark Delegates.











@roks0n (@deadlock_ark)





Also check on my Twitter list : Ark Community.

@ArkCommFund Ark Community Fund

@ArkStickers sending Ark stickers around the globe





@Air1Ark This is me 😋

Ark-based chains

Also check on my Twitter list : Ark-based chains.




Someone’s missing ?

Please tell me (send me a message on Twitter) ! Would be glad to add more people. Also tell me if you’re on the list and want me to add a small description.